Monday, August 20, 2012

of art and terraces

monday, august 20th

So the frog listening only to her spirit, courage, and recklessness decided to go to paris and enjoy the innocuous weather.

So, gnawed by her appetite for excellent art, she strode purposefully to the Pompidou Center to go look at one of her idolized painters of the time,  Gerard Richter,  and there with discreet motion of her arms and hands she took some pics as she saw that she was not the only one to do so. And so here are two oil canvasses in front of which she fainted,  and collapsed elegantly on the cement floor :

and then this one which is pretty awesome, really.

and then she cried, pathetically,  as she saw that she would never be able to do something similar.
But then she put herself together,  from the Pompidou cement floor, and stood up pugnaciously,
left the air conditioned museum,  and went out ready to fight again the natural events of Life.

Among those sorts of events was another exhibition,  at the Musee Branly,  titled

les Maitres du Désordre,  or in plain french :  the Masters of Disorder. That was a title that our Reporter really liked,  and found appealing. What is more the announcement  for this show was this :

" The exhibition is designed in three main sections : imperfect order, the mastery of chaos and catharsis, and analyses the notion of chaos through different negotiation methods put in place to contain it. "

It was the type of explanation that might be transparently clear to a large quota of the global population, but since our Reporter is always part of a very small distinguished group, she had no idea what that exhibition was referring to, so she decided to go see on the spot what it was all about.

And as a matter of fact, she met there a very decent gentleman, whose classical features immediately appealed to her and she decided that was probably the catharsis that the transparent text was referring to.

and what is more she met him backwards too,

After this very satisfying catharsis, she went to have another one, because after all she was starting to enjoy those, and she got another one right outside the Museum on the quay Branly in a more botanic form as that of a young acacia.

That was a rather splendid catharsis too, so courageously, she decided to get more catharsissis,
and soon after traveling by bus, which was as a matter of fact uncathartic, she really got one from encoutering this installation on the ground of the very well known  rue Chomel :

And it is attached in larger format so you can read easily that @ rue Chomel,  there is Rosés and Champagnes "au frais,"  which means in a cool state,  so you know that if you are loitering through Paris,  and as it happens,  are close to le Bon Marche,  well rue Chomel, you may find something cathartic.

And just a few steps further,  you may find something edible to help you with another catharsis :

We can't assure you that the very appealing lady seating will still be there but you never know where catharsis are going to hide.
And if she is not,  you just walk a few steps further,  and then check yourself to where the wild things are

So after all those experimentations,  the Reporter decided she had had enough of all those cathartic
and extraordinary happenings,  and she repaired back to her little  monastic place, where she had a splendid monastic feast with her pale blue tray :

and that closed the adventures of the courageous Reporter for that time.

With love,
the Frog