Monday, November 15, 2010

where it is about gold and water

November 15th, 2010

Well dear Reader, this is a quite exceptional post since this blog is usually devoted to the soft and lovely France only.
But there are exceptions to the rule, if only to make rules more exciting.

So it is in fact about America a little. Not as the title might induce, about American politics at all, but about an Autumn trip to Utah, where there was gold, and trip to Napa, where there was water.

So the trip to Utah was in the hope of creating some sort of masterpiece paintings during the swift days of leaves turning, and as the little pic may show, they were turning definitely,

definitely gold,

and the Reporter, invited by the most delightful friend managed to turn out one of her usual masterpieces,
in her usual very low key, neutral, sort of porridge colors

This is a lake about 20 minutes from Sundance.
The Reporter was a little miffed as she thought this looked a little like the " Red and Yellow Cliff " by Georgia O'Keefe, that was painted in 1931, and when you think of it, it's kind of strange that Georgia decided to sort of copy so many years in advance one of the little masterpieces of the Reporter.

Nonetheless, the Reporter managed to proceed later on to Napa Valley where there was a family celebration of some sort,
and there the Reporter was really tremendously happy to observe several things.

First there were still some grapes to be harvested from one of her favorite grapes:

Then there were more grapes to be harvested from another kind called Petit Verdot:

and here, dear Readers, we have to include some important information that probably most of our sophisticated Readers are aware of. Petit Verdot in french, though somewhat misspelt, but then who can spell french correctly anyway, means in french " small glass of water" which when you come to think of it, is a pretty sadistic way to have named a grape.

Anyway a great consolation to the sadness of sadistic name calling, appeared at the curve of a Napa bend.
The Reporter was walking with Dear Hubby and lo and behold, they disccovered excatly the tool that Dear Hubby needed for the Decrepit House,

One can easily see now why it was pretty essential to post something about the Great West of America.
With all Autumnal best wishes,
the Frog