Thursday, July 15, 2010

where there is staff and staff

july 15th, 2010

Today was a day of reflection. As you can see on the next image, the Master of the House decided to clean up the newly restored pond. These little things need care.

Here with a staff in hand, the Master is mastering the murder of a few weak butterflies and bees who managed to get too close to the water level.

In the Ancient Puritan Victorian Times, the Master would have given this menial task to one of his slaves. He would have ordered " Le Petit Personel " or " The Small Staff " to practice fishing out the adventurous coleopterans, but today, as Le Petit Personel presence is severely dwindling, the Master, sometimes without lower Saff, has to take himself the staff.

But then he was rewarded with " Le Cafe " or " The Coffee " which as you will see below, is always accompanied by a the little dark thing behind, which of course is " Le carre de chocolat " or " The square of chocolate " which is in fact not square but rectangular.

Then the Master, who is always one for innovation, decided to renew with one of the more traditional ways to bring light in his life. And there it is :

As you see above, it is an oil lamp, it works, it has no electrical thread, no silly bulb, and it makes an awesome smoke.

The Reporter, to find some solace from the smoke, was happy to taste the only goat cheese she really loves, [ she is very picky ] which is " Le Sainte Maure de Touraine " or " The Sainte Maure from Touraine " and tastes something like heaven, in matter of goat cheese of course, as there are lots of different heavens everywhere. This is what is looks like, and in the center there is a straw, a real straw.

There are some Sainte Maure which are " fausse Sainte Maure de Touraine " or " fake Sainte Maure from Touraine " for they have, oh horror, a PLASTIC straw inside. So Folks, always go for the real true stuff.

With Love from the deep heart of France where there are oil lamps and real Sainte Maure,
the Frog

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

transported by transportation

july 13th, 2010

Well the Reporter took some days off as there was lots of people where she was, and she was running errands to farmers markets and cooking exquisite meals and cleaning things and day dreaming as usual.

So here below in deep center of france where no one lives but she and Dear Hubby, here is a view of the newly scrapped pond which looks pretty good, I say.

and from the other side,

and then as the Reporter's Dear Old Friend has a Dear Brother who loves brand new transportation, there was the visit of a crazy group of Brits, the Lagonda Gang, and they were like a really weird and pretty charming bunch,

And here are the pilots,

and here are the means of transportation,
these are like dating from early twenties,

and some more, the latest ones being around the late thirties,

And the Reporter who always has great ideas, said to one of the gang, " You know if you get a 2 cv, it does use less petrol "
and that was greeted with interest too.
Then the Reporter went with Dear Old Friend and Dear Old Friend's Brother to have dinner and it was mellow and while they
had dinner at a farm, there was another mean of transportation there and that one didn't use any petrol at all. They were 2 cv too by the way.

So there, with much love from the farm and the two horses power,
the Frog

Thursday, July 8, 2010

where there is a view

july 8, 2010

All right Children, so there will be only three pics on this one, the Reporter is packing her painting gear.

First a view of the lake nearby our convent, cool and calm as ever,

Then friends from the Reporter's Tall Daughter,

then last because you Children have been so patient, the very rare view of yesterday's clear skies, albeit three clouds, and the Mont Blanc, you may click on the pic to see that austere mountain more clearly

If you People, are very nice, you may get when Marlena will be kind and free enough to e-mail the pic to me,
you may get to see the Mont Blanc at Sunset taken by Mel, as Marlena was holding Colyn and Soso, the dogs, during
our after dinner hike.

With all love from the very busy and important painting Reporter,
the Frog

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sun and last paint

july 7th, 2010

Well this is the last day where the Reporter could paint. Tomorrow things have to be dried and papered and rolled and
brushes put away...


Today there are no pics as the Reporter just left the studio, at midnight, and her camera there..

Her sister-in-law came with her great-daughter from Lyon and both were pretty adorable.

The Mont Blanc was highly visible and sublime, but the camera is still in the studio. so you will get pics only tomorrow.

That is all Folks, it is unbelievable that this enchanting painting seminar is drawing to its end.

With love and best wishes to everyone, everywhere, from this Alpine retreat,
the Frog

Monday, July 5, 2010

paint the plain

july 5th, 2010

So this post will be short and full of photos of paint, as the Reporter has very little to report
except painting and more painting.

What is more, the Reporter misses her children, and usually, heartless as she is, she doesn't.

So here are a few pics,
one painting,


and plain 3,

new view, and beginning of new paint :D

so that's all folks !!!

with love from the alpine plain !!
the Frog

Sunday, July 4, 2010

rain on the plain and paint

july 4th, 2010

Happy 4th of July !

So the Reporter did celebrate July 4th in style but more about that later.

First here is a view of Mont Blanc from the terrace,

If, you can't see it, your vision is NOT 20/20.
Well to help a bit it is right behind the pale purple last mountain.]

If you still can't see it, you have to start eating blueberries as they help to restore vision.
Then it started to rain,

and a litte more,

Then it was dusk,

then it was time to celebrate, and the grand Catherine had provided grandly !

and then it was time for a hike after dinner, and the Reporter had to switch shoes,

It was a grand day !!!!
Thank you Ada and Barb, and Catherine, and the whole gang !

Much love from the Alps,
the Frog

Saturday, July 3, 2010

back to painting

july 3rd, 2010

Well this was a very uneventful day with back to painting, which was in itself great fun.

Everyone worked hard with renewed energy and spunk.

So hoping that everyone else in that 3rd of july had a good day too despite cleaning up the gulf or trying to live a peaceful life in far away Pakistan or Afghanistan or anywhere.

With love,
the Frog

the lake, at last, again

july 2nd, 2010

So the Reporter went with her group of courageous painters, by the cool temperature of 104 to visit Annecy and Talloires.

It was awesome.

In Annecy, we visited the old town,

the jail,

different dwellings,

Then there was the old pastry shop where the Reporter's mum would take her daughter, Le Fidele Berger, [ the Faithful Shepherd ] which had those chocolates with candied orange peel inside. The Reporter, stupidly, never liked much pastries
but it was a great place for fresh squeezed orange juice, unfortunately Le Fidele Berger was in acute restoration,

Then next to Le Fidele, there was still the old well,

Then there was of course the old italian church and the boat on the major canal and the swan bridge,

And to leave we took the wide street,

then we got to Talloires, the bay @ l'Abbaye where the courageous group had a quick lunch,

and Le Pere Bise and le debarcadere were still there,

and then we went up St Germain, and there in the tiny church, the courageous group who had walked under the sun without ever whining, had the nicest reward, in the tiny adorable church a woman was singing Bach with the most exquisite voice as a rehearsal for a sunday concert,

The group felt pretty blessed and we left Talloires with elation and sadness,

the Frog

lyon or not cold at all

july 1st, 2010

Where the Reporter gets a little late on her report.

So she visited Lyon on july 1st, a fateful day where one of her meanest nephews gets his birthday, and she calsl him and of course they got to talk and say all these horrid things to each other, [ he never fails to call her nine days later for her own birthday, and say horrid things too, so she always invites him for the holidays ]

And then she called a sister-in-law who lives in Lyon and was wisely away for the day and said to her on the phone, " Mais qu'est ce que tu fais dans ce cagnard ? " which could be translated somewhat by " But what are you doing in this stupefying oven place ? " and even that, is an elegant way to translate " Cagnard ."

So the Reporter went to Lyon, and it was awesome and she got all these pictures of interesting little places.
First a general view of the city inside the oven,

then a little museum shop,

then the chapel,

then a cute little bar,

then they had a wonderful Austrian guide who spoke a nice austrian accented english and was really interesting to listen to,

Then they went down to the old district and saw a herb store,

Then a delightful traboule,

and then the Reporter got to her obsession, photographing windows,

And then there were no more windows and the Reporter was really sad,

With love and sadness from Lyon,
the Frog